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Pest Control Colchester

We offer specialized pest control services in Colchester, covering areas including Langham, Ardleigh, Wivenhoe, Halstead, Walton on the Naze, Manningtree, Lavenham and more. We facilitate the extermination of a wide variety of pests, including ants, spiders, rats, pigeons, bed bugs, moths, and many others. We understand how frustrating it can get with these pests; and although we do care about environmental balance, we ensure a swift response and quick solutions for eliminating of all kinds of uninvited visitors from your property. Our staff is experienced in undertaking pest control operations in residential as well as commercial zones, and the products we use to carry out the operations are graded to ensure guaranteed results.

You will be notified in advance of all associated health risks before we carry out the operation, and upon its completion, you simply need to take some simple precautionary measures to keep the pests away for a long period. While eliminating pests like ants, moths, and spiders may seem like an easy task, the challenge lay in making sure that they don?t come back. You may have tried several DIY kits that promise to rid your property of insects and rodents, but such products often do not guarantee results. And by relying in them, you might simply be delaying the much needed pest control operation. We are known for our methodical approach in the elimination of pests, and our staffs won?t give up without making sure that they have removed the last egg.

Get rid of insects and crawlers

Insects like bedbugs and cockroaches are persistent pests and can become a nuisance if not attended quickly. If you wake up every day with new itchy red spots over your body, you might need to check if your bed is infested with bed bugs. These determined crawlers reside deep inside your bed foams and traditional methods like vacuum cleaning the bed daily or soaking the bed in the sun from time to time won?t help once they have started growing in number. Some argue that the best way to get rid of them is by disposing off the mattress and starting afresh. That won?t solve the problem, though. You might miss out on eggs hiding in parts of your cot, and you will keep spotting them in your beds no matter how many times you change your mattresses. We can effectively rid you of all insect pests, including wasps, fleas, spiders, ants, woodworms, flies, mosquitoes, bedbugs, and even pigeons for that matter.

Solutions for the rodent problem

Rats and mice infiltrate your homes, especially during monsoon and cold seasons, when they seek a warm place and plenty of food. These rodents are experts in seeking out infrequently monitored hiding places that are effectively out of your reach, and since they only come out at nights, they might go completely unnoticed until you spot their droppings, broken wires, or chewed off fabric from your beloved furnishings. Rats and mice are carriers of deadly viruses and bacteria and any food they binge on is most likely to get contaminated. Just one of these troublemakers will shed over quarter of a billion hair strands and shed pungent smelling droppings in abundance. It is advisable to not wait if you spot any of these signs, and we will come and rid you of them permanently.

Other pests like moles, squirrels, and pigeons can be a problem too, especially if you have a garden, and our pest control team in Colchester can guarantee their removal by means of humane methods and ensure that they stop coming back. Give us a call and we will be glad to help you with any of your queries. It?s time you got rid of the nightmares that have been haunting you since their first appearance.

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We have been serving domestic as well as commercial customers, and we have observed that the results speak a lot about our reputation. Just ring us if you spot uninvited visitors, and we will rid them of your property permanently.

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