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Pest Control Bedfordshire

We offer pest control services in and around Bedfordshire, and we specialize in the extermination of various kinds of pests, including rats, mice, moths, wasps, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, termites, pigeons, and cockroaches. Our pest control team is comprised of experts from the industry, and the products we use for extermination campaigns are beyond comparison in terms of quality and effectiveness. We believe that a methodical approach is necessary to ensure long term solutions for stubborn pests that tend to keep coming back.

Extermination of Rodents

We undertake pest control operations involving the extermination of seasonal pests, such as mice, rats, fleas, and flies. Mice are nocturnal pests that are more likely to infiltrate your property during cold seasons, looking for a warm shelter where there’s abundant food available to survive the hard weather conditions. Mice are experts in seeking unmonitored hiding places, and you may not notice them until they are completely settled in.

Rats too are persistent pests, and they carry ample bacteria and viruses to infect everyone residing in and around your property. These rodents can cause potential damage to valuable things like curtains, wires etc, and will nevertheless contaminate food. Just a pair of them can shed countless hair over a period of one year and leave behind approximately 50,000 droppings that emit pungent ammonia odors!

You can prevent mice and rats infestation by limiting or removing potential food sources, so they won’t be attracted to your property, but for how long would you be spending your time and energy doing so? Just give us a call and we will be able to rid you of them on a permanent basis.

Extermination of Airborne Pests

Our pest control team in Bedfordshire can help you exterminate insects and birds, like flies, moths, wasps, midges, mosquitoes, and feral pigeons. UK is known for frequent pigeon visits in large quantities all round the year, and if you spot a pigeon nest on that tree in your backyard, do give us a call and we will ensure they won’t bother you again.

Flies come in over 120,000 different varieties, and they pose many health risks to humans as well as pets and livestock. These pests carry within their bodies bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella, and a few species are even known to bite. Some flies can grow to a full adult size in just seven days after the egg is hatched.

Mosquitoes, as you know well, carry potentially harmful viruses, and if you know viruses can only be treated or controlled, but never eliminated. The very fact that they suck our blood and use the same sting to suck blood from others can give you an idea as to how harmful they can be.

Pest Control for Crawlers

Crawling insects like spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, and woodworm tend to never go away despite using DIY kits that you can easily obtain online. One cockroach can turn your kitchen drawers into a breeding ground and can produce thousands of offsprings in a month. You might clean out the spider webs you have been spotting in the same corner of the wall every week, and it might be a mysterious situation for you. But we specialize in insect extermination, and we will ensure that we take out the last egg and force them to retreat. Similarly, bed bugs can be a nuisance too, and if you spot itchy red spots anywhere the body and if you have no clue how they originated, give us a call and we will clean up the things to the last egg.

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We have been serving domestic as well as commercial customers, and we have observed that the results speak a lot about our reputation. Just ring us if you spot uninvited visitors, and we will rid them of your property permanently.

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