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Bird Pest Control

Bird Pest Control Birds are an integral part of our eco-system and therefore it is our duty to protect and preserve them. However, some birds like seagulls and pigeons are termed as pests because they can create havoc by nesting and roosting in people's houses, buildings, etc. While you have to get rid of these birds from your homes and offices, you should be careful not to harm them in any way. For this reason, it would be best to call bird pest control services. Pest-Controller is a London based company that practices safe and effective pest control services to get rid of birds.

Problems caused by birds
Birds like pigeons and seagulls tend to build their nests on ledges, roof tops, balconies, chimney stacks, etc. This can be a nuisance as you would soon notice the place covered with bird droppings, making the building, house or area completely dirty. Moreover, these birds also have the ability to spread diseases like E.Coli, Ornithosis, Salmonella, etc. If found in industries or factories that manufacture or store food products, they can contaminate the food stuff, making it unfit for consumption. Apart from this, the presence of birds can increase insect infestations, as insects like fleas, bird mites, textile mites, etc., get easily attracted to areas where the birds have their nests.

Along with these problems, another issue that you might have to face due to bird infestation in your house or building is attack of the birds. When the birds are defending their off-spring, they are likely to attack unknowing people. Other than that, while pigeons leave their nests when their young ones fly away, sea gulls are likely to return to the same place. Sea gulls live for forty years and breed several times during their lifetime. Hence, if your house or lawn has been made home by a seagull, it would be difficult to get rid of it. Due to all these reasons, it would be best to avoid the entry of birds in your houses, offices, or buildings.

Why choose us?
There are several methods used by Pest-Controller to prevent as well as to get rid of the birds. Our main motto is to conduct bird pest control in the most humane and eco-friendly way as possible. Our products are made of the best quality materials and hence they would last for a long time. Pest-Controller offers eco-friendly, effective and economical bird pest control services. If you have been suffering from problems due to bird infestation in your home or office, do give us a call.

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