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Fox Pest ControlThe wild fox has become a part of urban London for a few years now. The urban fox has adjusted to the urban life quite well, mostly because of the easy accessibility for food and shelter. Although fox do not harm humans, its presence can be a nuisance. This nocturnal animal is territorial and urinates and defecates to mark its territory. This can make your garden or lawn really dirty. Also, it can harm pets like guinea pigs, roosters, and sometimes cats and dogs too. This makes fox pest control important and necessary too.

Dangers of fox infestation
While foxes can become a nuisance with their activities around the house, it is a fact that getting rid of them is not an easy feat. Foxes are nocturnal animals that usually come out during night and dawn to seek food and shelter. In really quiet areas, they may take a bold step and come out during the day too. While foxes usually do not harm humans, they may if provoked, even if it is not deliberate. For this reason, little children and pets are at risk if your garden is infested with foxes.

The two legal ways of getting rid of foxes are trapping them or shooting them. Both are difficult and should only be done by professionals. Pest-Controller is a pest control company that comprises of fox pest control experts. We do not make use of poison to kill foxes as we know that it is illegal and can cause harm to humans and pets too. Although traps for foxes are available in the market, it is not easy to trap them as they are very cunning. Our professionals are trained in doing this and hence it is best to call us if you have sighted a fox or two on your lawn.

Preventing the entry of foxes
While Pest-Controller can help in getting rid of foxes from your garden, yard, or lawn, we cannot prevent them from coming back. Hence, you need to take up some preventive measures. This can be done by making your home less attractive to the foxes. Keep the rubbish in the bins and never use plastic bags. Do not keep food for dogs, birds, cats, etc., outside your house, as this can attract the foxes. Also, keep your garden, yard or lawn neat and clean. Apart from these things, you can also use fox repellent sprays to keep them away. Spray these fox repellents in areas which they have marked with their urine. However, do remember to clean the area first. Although this may take time to work, in the long run, you would be free of fox infestation. If foxes are creating a nuisance for you and your family members and spoiling your beautiful garden, it is time to give us a call. We at Pest-Controller would be happy to be at your service.

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