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The portraits of contemporary dancers at Jatka78


Jakub Sobotka’s cycle of photographs called Performers, which depicts dancers of leading Czech and foreign contemporary dance companies, is going to be exhibited since 6th February at Jatka78 cultural center in Prague.

The portraits of contemporary dancers at Jatka78

“It is about people, I want them to open in front of the lens, to put away the mask and be themselves. On the other hand, I respect the personality of an artist, who is exceptional. Everything else is put aside not to draw audience’s attention,” says Sobotka about the cycle of black-and-white photos.

The photographer from the small Moravian village of Zašová was one of the founders of TANECVALMEZ contemporary dance festival in Valašské Meziříčí – the 11th edition takes place this spring.

He started creating the portraits in 2015, when Jo Strømgren Kompani with their famous performance A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football performed at the festival in 2015 as well as 420PEOPLE with the Czech premiere of The Dance Tribute to Table Tennis with Jo Strømgren as the author.

Jo Strømgren Kompani and 420PEOPLE dancers were joined by other top artists – DEKKADANCERS, Burki&Com, Witamina T from Poland or French dancers from the groups of Kader Attou and Andrew Skeels. All of them have performed at TANECVALMEZ festival.

“I have chosen the form of kinetic objects hanging from the ceiling for the gallery in Jatka78. Dancers are floating above visitors’ heads, they are in motion that is inseparable from dance,” Sobotka says.

You can see the exhibition until 15th March 2018.
















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