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International Festival Zero Point: Guests from 6 Countries


Prague will host the 7th edition of international festival of dance and performing arts Zero point. The event will tae place from July 13 to 18 in the Theatre in Celetná. The main star of the festival will be Danish performer Kitt Johnson, who then will leave the stage for guest artists from Croatia, Greece, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. For the second time, we will welcome the emerging star of international performing arts Matija Ferlin, and among other guests choreographer and dancer Fabrice Mazliah from the Forsythe Company or Czech and Slovak artists Jaro Vinařský, Peter Šavel and Miřenka Čechová.

International Festival Zero Point: Guests from 6 Countries

MAMAZA: Eifo Efi

The opening of the festival on Monday 13th will belong to Croatian performer and choreographer Matija Ferlin, who arouse public notice in last two years. His last success was his performing in the scope of one of the best European festivals Kunstenfestivaldesart in Brussels, where he presented his premiere that was staged by the Croatian National Theatre and chosen by the international jury who called him someone “whose work should be followed up”. Matija Ferlin will present in Prague his solo performance Sad Sam Almost 6, which was added to the programme of Centre Pompidou in Paris recently.

Tuesday evening will see the provocative feminine artist Kitt Johnson. She belongs to iconic faces of the Danish scene of dance and performative arts for about 20 years already. In Prague we will have the opportunity to see her for the first time, namely in her „one woman show“ Rankefod, in which she deals with the topics of evolution and memory of the body. „Kitt shifts the borders of this genre. She is appraised mainly for her innovative performing approache, which brings into dance and theatre some elements of rawness and truthfulness of the expressions, as well as for her detailed elaborated body language,” says Petr Boháč, dramaturgist of the festival.

Animal Inside

From the neighbour Slovakia two choreographers and dancers will visit the festival: Peter Šavel and Jaro Viňarský. They both belong to strong generation of artists in their thirties, who perform more often in Belgium, Switzerland and USA than in their home country. They share the characteristic of diffusion of contemporary dance and physical theatre. Their works will be shown in one evening during the festival, which gives the spectators opportunity to compare work and artistic approach of them both. From the repertory of Jaro Viňarský, we will see duet Animal Inside, which is performed by the author and dancer Marek Menšík. The choreography was created in 2012 and its inspiration source drives from an eponymous book by Hungarian writer Lászlo Krásznahorkai and work of German painter Max Neumann. A duet of two performers about various animal forms inside of us. Peter Šavel will present his latest choreographic work Bakkheiea, which was premiered on February 19 this year.

On Thursday the programme will introduce German ensemble MAMAZA, which arose from the collaboration of Fabrice Mazliah and Ioannis Mandafounis, members of the Forsythe Company. Their group attempts to find new approaches to contemporary dance and the work shown here should be an example. Eifo Efi is composed of two layers, of the movement language and the spoken word dealing with and ordinary everyday story. Both layer blend together.

The last but one evening will belong to Miřenka Čechová, who will visit Prague after a long period in New York, where she lives and works currently. The programme includes her so far latest work FAiTH, which she created in 2014 with the Tantehorse Company. The performance deals with the topic of helplessness and beauty of the ballet discipline and the loneliness and absurdity that this drill creates. Another topic is also the tragic in loss of belief in art, when the art has been someone’s life purpose. The piece was inspired by the tragic fate of Czech ballerina Taťána Juřicová.

The festival programme will culminate on Saturday 18 with the performance of the participants of master class workshop that accompanies the whole event. The workshop entitled Performing Arts for the Future encompasses three lectures; master class will be led by Indian choreographer and dancer Saju Hari, associate of Akram Khan Company.

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