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Independent dance autumn


The autumn period is traditionally full of premieres in Prague. One of the those expected with excitement and curiosity was Jana Burkiewiczová’s About a Bear Drifting on a Floe staged in La Fabrika. The piece with a rich structure interconnects environmental issues and personal ethics in an intelligent way, combines daring and poetic attitudes, which sensitively alter with humorous moments. The strong points of the production are dance performances and impressive visual accents, which are traditionally linked to Jana Burkiewiczová’s style. The dynamic quintet features Eliška Křenková, Jakub Jeňo, Pavel Mašek, Jindřich Panský and Jakub Sedláček.

Independent dance autumn

We saw the return of choreographer Petr Tyc, who staged the trio of Dokud neumřeli/ Till Death Do Them. The performance was inspired by Julian Barnes’s novella Talking It Over and Tyc’s own or shared life experience. Dancers – Tereza Hradilková (last year’s winner of Czech Dance Platform), Lenka Bartůňková and Radim Peška tell a story about sincerity and truth in relationships. The choreography is performed at the Ponec theatre.

The other choreographic return is cooperation of Tomáš Rychetský, the former dancer in the National Theatre ballet, with the Prague Chamber Ballet. He staged the choreography Requiem for Infinity, in which he works with Dvořák’s Requiem B-minor. Rychetský expresses the belief that life energy cannot simply vanish, it only transforms and is passed on and has an infinite number of shapes. The requiem continues in the PCB dramaturgy, which uses innovative forms to draw inspiration from the rich heritage of Czech music masters.

Director Petra Tejnorová is very active this autumn. She put together an international dance group featuring Tereza Ondrová, Nathan Jardin and Matthew Rogers and staged the choreography of Nothing Sad, which examines research of cohesiveness, togetherness and interaction. The premiere took place at the 4+4 Days in Motion festival. Tejnorová presented yet another project at the Ponec theatre and demands the answer for the question concerning the interpretation of dance as an abstract medium. Let´s Dance / Pojďme na tanec was created with Tereza Ondrová, Helena Arenbergerová, Martin Talaga, Helena Araújo and Halka Třešňáková. The mission of the project is to make dance more approachable and offer a guidance for those who are suspicious of contemporary dance. We hope the guidance is going to work!


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