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Czech dance films at world festivals


In the Czech Republic, the Dance Film Festival began to support the birth of dance for camera at the Dance and Camera workshop. However, dance films are also shot independently; they are usually low-budget projects and some of them have been screened at foreign festivals.

Czech dance films at world festivals

In October, San Francisco Dance Film Festival is going to present two Czech movies: six-minute-long Beating by director Kari Šulc andchoreographer Tereza Hradilková. The other movie, which is going to be presented to viewers and the jury, is Steadfast by Regina Hofmanová.

In Mallorca, on the other side of the world, where the Palma Dance Film Festival takes place, the movie Insomnia by Kristýna Bartošová and Jana Vrana is going to be presented as wellWe hope they succeed!

Dance films are not a well-known cinematographic discipline, which is being brought to public notice, though. It is an interdisciplinary genre, which works with (dance) motions and choreographic concepts. The film narrative only relies on image composition without the dialogue support (although some speaking may be included). This is the reason why the theoreticians date the history of dance films back to the silent era of slapstick comedies. Modern dance cinematography was shaped by Maya Deren, who worked mainly in the 1940s and 1950s. At the beginning of the 1990s, several films, which drew artists’ attention to dance films, were produced: David Hinton’s Dead Dreams of Monochtrome Man, Strange Fish and Clara van Gool’s Enter Achilles. Wim Wender’s Pina 3D was immensely successful as well. Feature films ranks among genuine film jewels and exceptions. Dance for camera films are usually movies that last for a few minutes only and are presented at specialized festivals all around the world.

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