News > A feature documentary is being made about the cooperation between Cirk La Putyka and Future Vision A

A feature documentary is being made about the cooperation between Cirk La Putyka and Future Vision A


Director Michal Varga is preparing a new feature documentary about meeting of two completely different circus companies: Cirk La Putyka from the Czech Republic and Future Vision Acrobat from Rwanda. The peak of the cooperation is a unique intercontinental circus show Hit, Tell the Difference and the premiere took place at the International Festival of New Circus and Theatre Letní Letná. Like in the feature documentary, the topic of the play should be the clash of different cultures, prejudices and visions. The last shots for the film are going to be made during the evening.

A feature documentary is being made about the cooperation between Cirk La Putyka and Future Vision A

In their movie with the working title Circus Rwanda, the authors – director Michal Varga and producer Marek Novák – aim at recording the meeting of two completely different cultures. One party is represented by the La Putyka ringmaster Rosťa Novák, who is famous for his workaholism and perfectionism. He leaves his comfort zone in Prague and goes with his company to Rwanda in order to prepare the performance. The other party is a leading person of the Future Vision Acrobat company Elisée Niyonsenga. As a child, he survived the genocide in Rwanda, which is still trying to recover from its tragic history, and he is now the director of the orphan children acrobatic company. He does not want the children to end up in the street like Elisée and he encourages them to know the meaning of life.

The prejudices of both parties penetrate the cooperation as well. For instance, most people from Rwanda think that all Europeans are immensely rich, whereas Europeans assume that it is necessary to help all African people. What happens when these two worlds merge in front of the camera when making a performance? What do we learn about the relationship of Europe and Africa? And who helps more to the other party? The documentary wants to answer all these questions. “I and La Putyka cameraman Jakub Jelen have been thinking about the new circus movie for a long time. When I learned about the acrobatic self-made man Elisée from Rwanda, I wondered how the cooperation with Rosťa could look like. I wanted to examine if art can overcome cultural differences that divide both participants,” says director Michal Varga.

The producer of the film with the working title Circus Rwanda is Xova Film with Czech Television as the co-producer. The premiere in cinemas is planned for summer 2018.

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