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Letní Letná – festival of contemporary circus in Prague


August in Prague belongs to new circus! The 14th international festival of contemporary circus and theatre Letní Letná takes place from 17th August to Sunday 3rd September. In three weeks, it presents top foreign companies, a showcase of Czech new circus, many premieres, unique projects, open-air performances and an extensive program for children.

Letní Letná – festival of contemporary circus in Prague

Except for foreign stars, such as Escarlata Circus from Catalonia, Atelier Lefeuvre & André from France, Catalan bearded stars from Cirque Alfonse,French-Belgian company Collectif Malunés, the keenly awaited premiere of the international project HIT, Tell the difference, the joint performance of Cirk La Putyka from the Czech Republic and Future Vision Acrobat from Rwanda, is going to take place.   

The jewel of Letní Letná is going to be a special open-air program BESTIARIO / BESTIARY. The one-week workshop of the Welsh company Nofit State Circus, which brings together foreign and Czech artistes and artists, will culminate with a joint presentation led by the renowned director Firenza Guidi.


The festival of Czech contemporary circus

Letní Letná is the biggest showcase of Czech new circus, which offers many excursions to the various types of Czech companies.

The brand-new performance Collapse is going to be staged by the popular Losers Cirque Company. Using their specific “loser-like” humor and top acrobatics, they examine a dark phenomenon: a collapse. It is a part of our life, which can crush, destroy and devastate, but also strengthens, cements and build. Without collapses, you cannot shift your possibilities, you cannot go further or jump over one’s own shadow.

The serious topic of plastic waste, which is produced by the consumer society, is discussed in a funny and hyperbolic way in the premiere of Hello, Polly! The Czech Duo Hand to Violin aka Daniella Vítová and Michal Mudrák interconnect acrobatics, violin, dance and singing. The performance Heroines of Cirkus TeTy is about everyone’s story, in which we are heroes and everyone has their secrets… The company focuses on rope acrobatics and continues in successful cooperation with Radim Vizváry.

Holektiv is going to present an original theatre performance with dance, acrobatics and coffee – Kaffeeklatsch. Squadra Sua is going to stage the allegory of clowns’ love of cakes and actors’ love of clowns Monstrea Deliciosa. Feel the Universe Circus Company brings the visitors to the expedition to the world, where everything is upside down, or to heights, where fear is only an illusion and you have a chance to have a detached view. Ilmatila and Cirkus Mlejn are going to stage performances Sofie and Handspun.


Open-air circus

Open-air performances entice thousands of viewers with their unique atmosphere, original stories and excellent acting and artiste performances. The organizers are preparing several “street” performances; we definitely recommend seeing some of them and experience magical moments under the summer sky. tYhle and Studio Alta are going to stage LEGOrytmus, the production inspired by sport, Olympic Games and Spartakiads, on 21st August. Cink Cink Cirk is going to celebrate summer, difference and madness in the open-air performance Dukto on 23rd August. The popular company VOSTO5 and their Stand'art Cabaret cannot be missing. Bratři v tricku are going to do cross-country skiing in the middle of the summer and will take the visitors twice to their Cross-Country Odyssey (25th and 31st August).


Three special festival evenings

In the previous years, the organizers prepared a composed program focused on the new generation of contemporary circus artists called Cirksession (26th August). The idea has been developed more this year and there are going to be two thematic evenings! It is the first time in the history of the festival when the juggling evening has taken place (27th August). The carefully selected guests are going to show juggling performances, which aims at convincing the audiences that juggling is an autonomous art and not only a cliché. The third evening belongs to pantomime (23rd August). Both experienced professionals and young talents are going to present their short authorial, classic, humorous, poetic, solo and group performances.


Letní Letná for children

The varied program is also prepared for children, the performances start at 11 am, 2 pm, 3:30 pm and 5 pm with almost all top-quality Czech companies and artists, who work with little audiences. Let’s list Václav Strasser, Divadlo Víti Marčíka, Divadlo Tondy Novotného, Bratrřiv tricku or Teatr Novogo Fronta. Popular workshops and the accompanying program cannot be missing as well.

Letní Letná will offer special program lines. The weekend of 19th and 20th August will be dedicated to the birthday of the Zdravotní klaun organizations and both days will be full of clown performances. The following weekend is dedicated to the Day with Czech Radio (26th August) and Day with Czech Television (27th August).


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