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Dance Film Festival

Held every second year

Dance Film Festival was first held in Prague in 2009: it is a biennale event that takes place at Světozor, a very popular and attractive cinema in the centre of the capital city. The groundbreaking programme of the festival aims at presenting all genres in which dance and camera merge. In more concrete terms, the festival screens dance for camera films, recordings of dance pieces as well as documentaries concerning the issue of dance. The festival also produces a practical workshop entitled Dance and Camera that is designed for directors, directors of photography, and choreographers. The workshop is organized in cooperation with Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and Arts Institute – Theatre Institute.   

Festival tanečních filmů
Artn, o.s.
Nádražní 55
CZ - 252 25 Zbuzany
Marta Lajnerová, director