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Czech Dance Platform

Held annually in April

Czech Dance Platform is a qualified festival that regularly attracts foreign experts. It mostly presents Czech artists working in the field of contemporary dance and movement theatre but also creators from abroad who cooperate with Czech dancers and/or production companies. The festival is organized by Tanec Praha civic association, a body that originally took inspiration abroad where dance platforms make for integral parts of the domain of performing arts. Luckily, the association has managed to stick to its original idea of the platform as a regular annual event. Czech Dance Platform started as a modest festival at Duncan Centre (1994) to move for the next five years to Hradec Králové where it became a highlight cultural event held under the title Entrée k Tanci (Entrée to Dance). In April 2000, Prague hosted the Plenary Meeting of International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts and it was at this opportunity that the Czech Dance Platform, once and for all, moved back to Prague, more precisely to the space of Ponec theatre that had been renovated a few months before. The festival, however, takes place also at other theatres in Prague. The platform wants to be a mediator of contacts between Czech artists and promoters and managers from the Czech Republic and abroad and thus accelerate more intense co-operation (international touring, festivals, workshops, etc.). Czech Dance Platform also awards prizes for choreography and performance, in 2008 the festival introduced a new light design prize.

Tanec Praha o.s.
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