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Jan Komárek

Light designer and author of independent alternative projects mostly in the realm of nonverbal theatre, movement theatre and dance. After graduating in graphic design in publicity at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, he tried different jobs to emigrate to France in 1983. There he founded Mimo theatre and worked as a clown and puppeteer. After two years he left for Canada: he worked as a light designer in Toronto and Montreal and founded Sound Image Theatre, authorial movement theatre working with live music. He was awarded the prestigious Dora Mavor Moore prize a number of times: for the best piece, the best music, design, and directory.
In 2001, he returned to Prague. He works as a light designer, regularly co-working with dance company NANOHACH and Theatre Na Peroně in Košice (SK). He has also been creating his own movement and dance projects, among them: Dance of the Paper Dancers, Crime and Punishment, Probouzení Genia loci, Útroby krávy or Kampa sonata (created for Prague quadrennial 2011). In 2009, he was awarded Theatre personality of the year award within Next Wave festival and, one year later, he received the Best Light Design prize within TANEC PRAHA festival. Komárek prefers to set his pieces in non-theatre spaces; he approaches motion, sound and light as inseparable elements that should be created simultaneously. 

"Komárek is a sensitive purist and an aesthete. He is in love with antiques, beauty and delicate  craftiness. And with women. The soul of his pieces is the female dancers and their charm. A little bit of light in here, a little bit of darkness in there - and there goes beauty."
(Jana Návratová, Taneční zóna, October 2008)