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Farm in the Cave & Viliam Dočolomanský / Whistleblowers



Direction, concept, choreography: Viliam Dočolomanský
Assistants to director: Eduard Prokhasko, Eliška Vavříková, Daniel Raček
Performing: Emil Leeger, Minh Hieu Nguyen, Hana Varadzinová, Anna Gromanová, Jun Wan Kim, Olda Smysl (or Jim High)
Music: Viliam Dočolomanský, Marcel Bárta
Stage design: Lucia Škandíková
Costume design: Markéta Oslzlá
Lighting design: Felice Ross
Video: Erik Bartoš
Dramaturgy: Petr Michálek
Producer: Jan Valter
Co-production: Ponec Theatre - The dance Venue, Prague, Czech Republic, Truc Sphérique, Žilina, Slovakia
Project LOBBY - This performance is produced as part of the project LOBBY, within which the creators investigated the effects of corporate lobbying in the lives of ordinary people in Europe and a wider context.
With the support of: European Cultural Fundation, Visegrad Fund, Divadlo Ponec

About the performance

Corporations. What is their true nature? How big really is their power? Are we aware of how much influence they have over us? What is it we're playing our part in? Whistleblowers are a probe into the operational mechanisms of the system we live in. All happens on the ground-plan of a recent scandal that has only been sorted out last year. A gigantic food-industry corporation had women infiltrated into a group of young activists. Under false names these women pretended to be interested in learning about the corporation's controversial policies while in fact they were collecting data on the private lives of the activists. Some of the clues lead as far as until now unexplained murders of trade union leaders working for the corporation in third world countries. Farm in the Cave draws inspiration from interviews with victims and powerful lobbyists the artists have encountered in Brussels. Despite being made of true testimonies and facts, this is no traditional political theatre at all. The same as Farm in the Cave's previous projects, this is about artists penetrating a world they knew nothing about before. A long-term process of laboratory research through the methods of “devised theatre” results in a scenic composition of action, video, spoken word and live music. A multi-layered form that wants to intermediate an experience that is beyond our traditional perception of reality.


About the artists

Viliam Dočolomanský was born in Slovakia. As a teenager, he studied music interpretation: still as a high-school student he founded his first company of movement theatre and a jazz band. He later graduated from theatre directing at JAMU in Brno (teaching at Ida Kelarová's International School for Human Voice at the time) and later gained a doctor degree at Prof. Jaroslav Vostrý at Prague DAMU. After graduating, he was a guest director at diverse theatres around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. At a certain moment, he rejects a number of commissions and sets out for Andalusia with a couple of young actors. Thus is first independent project is born which later, in 2002, serves as basis for the international theatre studio Farm in the Cave. The company has gained reputation as a modern laboratory for performers working on the border of genres – the physical dance theatre and music theatre. Farm in the Cave's project are ambassadors of the Czech Republic around the world, they were shown at countless festivals at 3 continents and over 55 cities. Besides the theatre production itself, the company also focuses on continuous personality development of its members and a long-term research of selected cultural and social phenomena. Other activities include workshops, concerts and site-specific projects. Viliam lead a number of international projects (Korea, Slovakia, Brazil). He regularly gives workshops and lectures (Tisch School in New York, Congress Ecum in Brasil etc.). He has created or co-created music for all of Farm in the Cave's productions. Since 2011 he was working on a film adaptation of Waiting Room with the producer Čestmír Kopecký: this project has unfortunately not been carried out in the end. Viliam and Farm in the Cave are holders of important awards, among them New European Realities, Total Theatre Award, Fringe First Award, The Grand Prix Golden Laurel Wreath Award, Herald Angel Award, Alfréd Radok Award, Respekt weekly Award for the strongest theatre production, Sazka and Theatre Journal Award, etc. In 2011 and 2012 Farm in the Cave was shortlisted for the National Award of the Ministry of Culture for major contributions to theatre.




Length of performance

55 minutes


Czech Dance Platform

Number travelling in company

13 (6x Performers, 1x Musician, 1x Director, 1x Backstage assistant, 1x Videoartist, 1x Light technician, 1x Sound engeneer, 1x Production Manager)


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Sound & Tech

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Ideal Stage Area

Minimum stage: 11x14m


1.4.2014, Prague, Divadlo Ponec

Contact Person

Jan Valter