The Dance Section (DS) of the Arts and Theatre Institute


The Dance Section (DS) of the Arts and Theatre Institute was established in 2006 and developed in consultation with the professional dance community. The mission of the DS is to deepen and systematise communication between professionals and coordinate activities and the flow of information within the Czech dance scene, which in recent years has witnessed an explosion of activity, both in the area of creativity, and in the areas of education, international cooperation, and festival organisation.

The DS operates primarily as an information and consultation centre. The effects of the centre’s work are felt in the improvement in the level of information within the field and in the media, in the coordination of projects directed at creativity and education, in the cultural-policy sphere (support for the development of new dance art and education in the regions, the emergence of multi-functional centres outside Prague), in the support for documentation in the field, and in pro-active communication with partners abroad.


information and documentation – the DS collects, documents, and distributes information (optimising the system of information and documentation of dance, the systematic expansion of the dance collection in the video library and the library), PR in the field

education – the DS coordinates and initiates educational projects (organising lectures, seminars, and initiating professional education projects)

consultation and analysis – supporting the field’s development on a regional level and cooperating on the preparation of analyses, statistics, and documents for legislation and other strategic materials

promotion of Czech dance abroad – promoting Czech dance arts at the international level, cooperating on the organisation of artist in residence programmes, study exchanges, the preparation of promotional and information materials for users abroad (the DVD/CD biennial Czech Dance in Action)

publishing – initiating and supporting the publication of original and translated dance literature


Jana Návratová
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